We support the hard-working volunteers and others in Wilton who hold elected or other positions in the Wilton Town government.  While we of course disagree at times with decisions and policy, we support good faith efforts made on Wilton’s behalf. We will not participate in ad hominem attacks or social media campaigns of negativity. Difficult decisions do not justify doing so.

We believe that Wilton should foster and cultivate smart and sensible economic growth and protect its taxpayers, starting with an attractive business environment.  We support the efforts to-date made by First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice, the Board of Selectman, and others, and we urge the Town to consider innovative ways to set Wilton apart in the eyes of existing and prospective businesses.

We insist on a responsiveness, transparency, and accountability on the part of Wilton’s town, state and federal government representatives. Consistent with these goals, we reject cynical and costly abuses of FOIA laws to harass town officials.  We will also insist on transparency and accountability with respect to the RTC’s own funding and expenditures.

We believe in the good faith intentions of our friends and neighbors in Wilton, and we believe that our common bonds are far more significant than our differences. We will strive to engage in civil, respectful, and productive dialogue. Rather than engage in social media shouting matches, we will participate in live events in Wilton and meet and speak with our fellow residents. We recognize, however, that not all events are “political,” and there are many occasions when “politics” should be set aside altogether.

We support and will actively participate in the transparent and forward-looking process undertaken by the Wilton Planning and Zoning Commission for the 2029 update to the comprehensive Town Plan of Conservation and Development.  We urge all Wilton residents, whatever their political beliefs and priorities, to involve themselves in the very important POCD process.

Connecticut, including our unique and fortunate town, continue to face difficult decisions about taxes, growth, and education. These decisions affect everyone in Wilton, and while many of the problems are not of our making, we must all face them together.  We believe Republican ideals will allow Wilton to prosper, and we will not confine our efforts to a fall “campaign season” and monthly meetings.

After a difficult and sometimes tumultuous period, the RTC has new leadership, several new members after an energetic caucus in January 2018, and a positive, externally-focused mission.  We are a committee of forty individuals with diverse backgrounds and views tasked with representing the Republican Party in Wilton, and we will act accordingly. We will be disciplined and focused.