Someone is stealing Kim Healy’s lawn signs.

Last week one was taken from Danbury Road near the High School. At the busy corner of Westport Road and Chestnut Hill, Kim Healy’s signs were stolen not once but twice.   On Sturges Hill Road, one of Kim’s signs was gone and its wire frame discarded right on the lawn while other signs were untouched. (see photo)

It takes courage to put yourself out there as a candidate for State Senate and a lot of people in Wilton who know and like Kim want to show their support for her. That’s how local politics works.  We’re friends and neighbors, not partisans.

Unfortunately, there are others who can’t restrain their urge to spread the noxious tactics of professional political activism to our quiet town. Stealing your opponent’s lawn signs from private property is wrong no matter who does it.  It’s un-American and, importantly, it’s illegal.  The Wilton Police have been alerted and you should also be aware of what’s happening. Our town is a refuge from the animosity and partisanship that is disfiguring our country. The candidates themselves could set a good example by telling their supporters that stealing lawn signs is unacceptable.

In this contentious election year, we should all make an extra effort to remain neighborly and considerate. Let’s demonstrate through our actions that love lives here.

Christopher Lineberger – Wilton RTC Chairman

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