[WILTON] The Wilton Republican Town Committee (WRTC) has selected delegates to participate in the party’s upcoming state and district nominating conventions. The delegates were selected at a special meeting on April 2 and will cast votes for Republican candidates to appear on the November ballot. The nominating conventions and participating delegates include:

  • 143rd Assembly District Convention (seat currently held by Rep. Gail Lavielle) : Jennie Wong, Bill Lalor, Josh Cole and Hella McSweeney


  • 125th Assembly District Convention (seat currently held by Rep. Tom O’Dea) : Michelle Battaglia, Gary Battaglia and Carol Lenihan


  • 26th Senate District Convention (seat currently held by Toni Boucher), May 14: Christine Finkelstein, Anna Marie Francello Bilella, Marianne Gustafson, Peter Wrampe, Michael Whitted, Rudy Hoefling and Ken MacCallum


  • Judge of Probate (seat currently held by Anthony DePanfilis), May 24: Peter Wrampe, Rudy Hoefling, Don Drummond, Gail Lavielle, Ken MacCallum, Carol Lenihan and Warren Serenbetz


  • State Convention (for the nomination of candidates to run for governor, lieutenant governor, U.S. Senator, U.S. House of Representatives, secretary of state, state treasurer, comptroller, attorney general), May 11: Jennie Wong, Bill Lalor, Josh Cole, Miriam Sayegh, Mike Lindberg, Chuck Wessendorf, Joe Peres and Don Sauvigne

“This is a pivotal year for Republicans as we look to making sweeping changes in Connecticut leadership,” said Wilton RTC chair Bill Lalor. “We are pleased to select delegates who will choose the best candidates to represent Wilton in Hartford and Washington. Connecticut has been on a destructive trajectory for many years – now is the time for Republicans to take back control and put an end to egregious spending and policies that have driven many businesses and jobs out of the state.”

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