On April 20, the Wilton Republican Town Committee unanimously endorsed Toni Boucher for State Senator in the 26th Senate district and Kim Healy for State Representative the 42nd House district.

We are confident that we have outstanding candidates to represent Wilton. This will be a great year for Republicans in Connecticut and across the country.  We are committed to tirelessly supporting Toni and Kim to ensure that Wilton’s voice is heard once again in Hartford.

Toni Boucher for State Senator

Toni has served Wilton and the towns of the 26th District faithfully and honorably for many years.  No one works harder for her constituents than Toni.  We must return Toni to the Senate because we need her courageous and unfailing leadership to keep education and zoning local and support our law enforcement.

Toni previously served on Wilton’s Board of Education as Chairman, on Wilton’s Board of Selectmen and the State Board of Education, and as a Leader in the Connecticut House and Senate.  She has held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies and founded small businesses.  With this combination of successful legislative and business experience, Toni will tackle the most pressing issues of the 26th District. If you would like to contribute to Toni’s campaign, you can donate by credit card by following this link - https://toniboucher.com/donate/

Kim Healy for State Representative

Kim was elected to the Wilton Board of Selectmen in 2021.  She has been engaged in the 2022 state legislative session, testifying against proposed zoning bills that would negatively impact our town. 


Kim is a CPA and former auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers.  She is married, has four children, and has lived in CT since 1994.  She has the experience to understand what it takes to campaign and win an election and has built the relationships needed to be successful in November.


Kim will ensure that the 42nd district knows what is going on in Hartford and will work solely to benefit the people in our district.


Kim pre-qualified for CEP, a state grant for candidates and thus is not seeking contributions.