Christopher Pagliaro

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Term Start: December-1-2017
Term End: November-30-2021
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Christopher Pagliaro has been a Wilton resident for 22 years, and is a candidate for a seat on the Planning & Zoning Commission. He previously served the town on the Council on Public facilities and the Building Inspector’s Board of Appeals. Chris was responsible for steering the completion of the Veteran’s Stadium renovation, specifically the planning and completion of the Concession Building, which was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. He has also volunteered in varying capacities with Wilton youth sports and the high school boosters. Recently, Chris participated in the Wilton library lecture series, “Wilton 2025”, speaking about the importance of addressing the social and planning needs of the community. His wife, Dorothy, has been involved in numerous town activities. Their two children went through the Wilton Public School system.

Professionally, Chris is the managing partner with Bartels Pagliaro Sajda Architects, an architectural firm based in South Norwalk. Noted for their waterfront residences, PBS Architects has done projects from Quebec to Florida. Chris has represented projects in over 100 municipalities, and brings to his candidacy extensive knowledge of the merits and failures of planning and zoning. Chris received his BS Architecture from the Catholic University of America.

Chris has long been a proponent of revising the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development to address the planning needs of the community in a manner that seeks to avoid the controversies of planning while increasing the attractiveness of Wilton. As we head into this effort during the upcoming term, he wishes to volunteer his broad experience in planning toward this effort.