Statewide Property Tax.

Democrats in Hartford have proposed a bill that would add a statewide property tax on top our already heavy property tax burden. We Oppose It.

SB 171 proposes a tax on all properties valued over $430,000. Although it would hit nearly every residential and commercial property in Wilton, it is cleverly called a "Mansion Tax."

The town of Wilton only has one way to raise revenue: through property taxes. The state, on the other hand, has more than 300 revenue sources. A statewide property tax would encroach on Wilton's ability to fund our roads and schools.

Ironically, the American Rescue Plan just passed by Congress will send $2.7 billion to the state government in Hartford -- more than 10% of the annual state budget. Why do Hartford Democrats need more tax money in this of all years when so many are struggling to recover from the COVID recession?

We oppose any effort to impose a statewide property tax, and we hope you will too by signing the petition below.


Sign the Petition Opposing the Statewide Property Tax