Wilton Needs Your Help

Like you, we came to Wilton because of the peaceful bucolic landscape, the friendly neighborly atmosphere, and the outstanding schools for our children. Wilton Republicans are committed to preserving all the things that make our town special.

Unfortunately, that job is getting harder . . .

Learn About the Issues

Politicians in Hartford want to regionalize our schools, overrule our zoning laws, and raise taxes and fees on everything from hypnotists to dry cleaning.

Here are 3 ways you can help defend Wilton's independence:


Read our fact sheets and alerts on legislation impacting Wilton. We include independent and third-party research so you can make up your own mind.


Local government needs volunteers to serve on boards and commissions. Let us know where your passion lies and we'll help you find the best way to participate.


Raise your voice. Tell your elected representatives to vote to defend Wilton rather than advance the narrow interests of their political party.


Join Today and Make a Difference.

Here are three more things you can do now to help build an independence movement.

"They advance and you tremble. They've better numbers, you say. Better weapons. Better training. But I do not fear, and nor should you.

For what they have in material, they lack in conviction and care.

But not us. We have passion. We believe!"

- Gen. Israel Putnam (Connecticut hero. American badass.)

Join Today. Improve Tomorrow.