Photo by Alex von Kleydorfft

What We Do.

The mission of the Wilton Republican Town Committee is to identify, recruit and support the best skilled and most knowledgeable candidates for local elected office. In doing so, we will seek to identify and listen to the concerns, values, and energy of all neighbors and take action that preserves all the qualities that we love about Wilton.

We think Wilton is exceptional because of the brilliance and character of our students, the wisdom of our elders, the civility and decency of our neighbors, and the dignity we strive to infuse in all our cooperative actions. The WRTC’s mission starts in Wilton, and we will support candidates, policies, and initiatives that:

  • Foster and cultivate economic growth and job opportunities and attract businesses of all sizes.
  • Balance growth with the maintenance and preservation of Wilton’s unique character and heritage.
  • Further goals of government transparency, cost-effectiveness, responsiveness, and accountability to Wilton citizens.
  • Continue and foster Wilton’s enviable track record of excellence in public education.
  • Prioritize Wilton taxpayers and reduce the burden of taxes, regulations, and government spending on individual taxpayers, businesses, employers, and property owners.
  • Insist upon civility and decency in public discourse.

What We Believe.

The GOP is the party of Abraham Lincoln, and our efforts as a town committee are guided by values and beliefs that are necessary for the proper functioning of a representative democracy:

We believe in self-determination and that government is most accountable, most responsive to the citizenry, and most effective in action when it is most local.

We believe that we are judged as individuals not members of a group and that free individuals have a responsibility to cooperate for the common good.

We believe the public square belongs to all and that no opinions should be silenced. When considering differing views, we will strive to rely upon evidence, experience, and wisdom rather than emotions and passion.

We welcome all citizens regardless of their ethnicity or religious convictions. We will not allow any one belief – or lack of belief – to supersede any other. 

We believe that laws are to be respected and when we object to them we change them democratically rather than annul them unilaterally.