Forced Zoning Changes.

Last week, the Democrat supermajority in Hartford turned away 70% of the citizens who had signed up to testify at the public hearing on multiple bills that threaten local control of zoning and the preservation of open space from overdevelopment.

Sara Bronin, wife of the Mayor of Hartford and head of the divisively named activist group DeSegregateCT, admitted that only supporters of the were allowed to testify. And Mayor Elicker of New Haven went so far as to slander opponents of forced zoning in Greenwich as racists. Our local Democrat representatives have not stepped up to defend us on the issue.

There is clearly more to this bill than housing. This is about forcing towns like Wilton to submit to progressive ideology.

But we have an opportunity to have our voices heard on a similar bill designed to punitively tax homeowners in towns without "affordable" housing . . . like Wilton.

On Monday, March 22, at 10AM, there is public hearing of the Planning & Development Committee on SB 1068-AN ACT CONCERNING PROPERTY TAXES AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING.

You can submit testimony at any time by e-mail: 

  • Send a brief email to
  • Include “NO to Senate Bill 1068” in the subject line
  • Include your name and Wilton in the email

And here's what else you can do:

Sign a petition to support local zoning decisions