Jared Martin

For Board of Education

Jared has spent a successful career in the Financial and FinTech industries for over 16 years from Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, State Street & Charles River. 

He is well-versed in deconstructing and reconstructing complex instruments and technological architectures delivering efficiencies to global financial firms. He regularly conducts seminars for industry professionals teaching how to leverage applied quantitative finance concepts within existing investment management frameworks.

Jared and his wife Marnelli have been Wilton residents since 2015 with two wonderful children attending Middlebrook and Miller-Driscoll.

A Couple of Things About Jared Martin

  • Jared is passionate about science and medicine and wrote research papers on the anatomy of an eye, Mad-Cow Disease, and the Ebola virus before reaching middle school.
  • Loves competition and believes that through sport we find our best selves. He was on his way to becoming an Olympian but chose to focus on his studies instead. 
  • Led the Michigan High School State Wrestling Championships March of Champions carrying the United States Flag on his way to an undefeated season and his second championship.
  • The youngest of five children (two brothers and two sisters), bested by his wife who is the youngest of nine sisters.
  • Has two Golden Retrievers (Cairo, 13.5 years old & Buttercup, 6 years old) both only fed with gourmet natural / whole foods all their lives.