Jess Christ

For Board of Education

Jess has lived in Wilton since 2010; she and her husband Colin moved their young family to join the vibrant community and the amazing Wilton school system.

She has been a realtor in Wilton and the surrounding area since 2015 and has successfully juggled work and volunteering while raising three active children; Ella and Liam attend Wilton High School and Phoebe attends Middlebrook School.

She was an integral part of a group of women who successfully started the Miller Driscoll Spring Carnival, “Cider Mill’s Got Talent” talent show, Cider Mill Bingo, and most recently, Middlebrook’s Class of 2025 Spirit Night.

Jess is currently serving the second of a two-year term on the Vestry at St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Wilton. She has recently expanded her volunteerism to include The Circle of Care, where she is part of a team which makes over bedrooms for children with cancer, and Helping Hands delivering groceries twice a week to seniors.

Jess is a passionate voice and advocate for the youngest members of the Wilton community; from those who struggle with learning challenges to those who are gifted and talented, and all those in between.

Two More Things About Jess Christ

  • I have rescued 5 pets; 4 dogs and 1 cat.  All 4 of my dogs’ names have started with the letter “B”.
  • I am licensed to teach self-defense to women

What do you love about Wilton?

I grew up in a small, tight-knit community in Massachusetts and Wilton has that same comfortable feel. I love knowing the many faces that I see as I drive up and down Ridgefield Road. I love knowing that if I’m late to pick up my kids from a sporting event they will be safe or that another parent will stay with them until I get there.  I love that most folks genuinely care about their fellow Wiltonians.  I love the pride our students have for their school and the support they give to their fellow classmates during games, plays, musical concerts and the like. 

What drove you to run for elected office and serve our great town?

I believe our schools and our children are the most important part of our community.  I am grateful for all the current and past Board of Education members and the hours of personal time they put into their work.  That being said, I feel that BOE members who do not have children in the school system are not fully connected to the realities of what happens inside the halls of our schools and therefore can not be an effective advocate for our children.  I have three children and last year they were in three different schools.  I saw first hand the good, the bad, and the ugly of each of those schools and I believe I will be a better advocate and BOE member because of those personal experiences.

In general, the political atmosphere has dramatically changed and our children are getting caught in the crossfire. I am running to ensure that our children are taught how to be critical thinkers and that they are taught how to think and not what to think.  

All of our students should be given equal opportunities to succeed but what they do with those opportunities is completely up to them.  There should never be a time when a child is held back from achieving what they are capable of.  We should embrace our children’s talents and work tirelessly to help them address their shortcomings.