Kim Healy

For Board of Selectmen

Kim has spent the last 25 years giving back to her community. She is currently a member of the Wilton Conservation Commission, Co-Chair of Wilton’s Minks to Sinks, and Treasurer for the Wilton Youth Council Project 2022. 

Kim just completed six years on the Board of the Wilton Library (appointed by the Board of Selectmen) and held the roles of Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair and Secretary. Kim also has been Treasurer of the Wilton Youth Council, a CCD teacher for Our Lady of Fatima, and library assistant at Cider Mill.

A retired CPA, she was an auditor with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and currently is a volunteer tax preparer for the AARP. Kim and her husband, Mike, moved to Wilton in 2008 and have four children, two of whom are still in high school.

It has been a tough year for our kids, small businesses, and our residents. Kim will bring a balance to the BOS as we all navigate the challenges of post-pandemic life. She values accountability, transparency, and smart, responsible governance. Her priority is to ensure Wilton remains a safe and nurturing environment for its residents.

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"Here's What I Will Do on the Board of Selectmen"

  • Preserve and promote independent decision-making for Wilton. Local control means high performing schools and strong property values. Wilton is at its best when Wiltonians are empowered to serve our community.
  • Cultivate and improve Wilton's economy by supporting local businesses. Promoting Wilton as a superb place to live and work will help our business community thrive and expand our commercial tax base.
  • Support local law enforcement to foster a safe, thriving community where all Wiltonians share a sense of belonging and well-being.
  • Expand Wilton amenities for all residents and incentivize seniors to stay in the town they built and love. Review and prioritize development of facilities and services that are lacking in Wilton.
  • Further Wilton's efforts as a leader in both environmental sustainability and green, open space. Continue to build on recent successes in renewable energy and supporting continued innovation. Properly maintain and invest in our natural resources such as NRVT, Schenck's Island, and Merwin Meadows.

Kim with Connecticut's newest State Senator, Ryan Fazio.