Matt Raimondi

For Board of Finance

As a native Wiltonian (WHS ’08) who recently moved back to Wilton with his wife, Kristen, in March 2020, Matt is passionate about helping Wilton continue to grow and thrive.  He is intimately familiar with the town and its history, and his career investing in private companies makes him particularly attuned to the financial intricacies of building and managing financials and budgets. Matt is running so that he can work for all Wiltonians by bringing transparency and rigor to Wilton’s finances – and to make sure that our taxpayer money is allocated appropriately.

Since moving back to Wilton, Matt joined Wilton’s Economic Development Commission (“EDC”) where he works with the Board of Selectman to support local businesses and foster a strong business community in our town.

In addition to his day job and working with the EDC, Matt serves on the boards of the Kennedy Children’s Center, which provides special education preschool services to ~600 children in Harlem and the Bronx, and of the REACH Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that mental health care reaches all children and families. At both Kennedy and REACH, Matt serves on the finance and investing committees. Additionally, Matt also sits on the board of Friends of Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, where he serves as the board liaison to the legislature.

He earned his BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Four Things About Matt

  • I'm a native Wiltonian – WHS ’08. My parents still live in Wilton.
  • At Wilton High School, I was part of a TV show called The Challenge in 2008. Together with 4 other WHS students, we finished third in the Tri-State Area (and won something like $5k for the school)
  • I volunteer on 2 non-profit boards. The Kennedy Children’s Center is a preschool for children with mental health disorders, and REACH is focused on expanding awareness for mental health disorders.
  • I just got married on July 17th!

Matt serves on the Board of the Kennedy Children's Center, a preschool for children with mental health disorders.