Monty Du

For Board of Finance

Monty is an engineer trained at Columbia University.  He has spent the past 25 years designing and building transportation infrastructure in Connecticut, New York and worldwide.  He is a Principal and member of the Board of Directors at an engineering firm headquartered in CT. 

Monty has been in the United States for 28 years and has lived in Wilton for seven years with his wife and son.  As a first-generation American, Monty embraces our democracy and civil duties.  He has been an active participant in many community activities relating to local and State issues.  

"As an immigrant having grown up under an authoritarian regime, during a rather draconian era, Wilton's self-sufficient, locally-controlled, small town government format constantly inspires me to be part of it, and to help carry on this invaluable tradition."


A Couple of Things to Know About Monty Du

  • He loves splitting his own firewood and making his own maple syrup.   
  • Monty used to be a fervid surf fisherman.  A major component of his fishing career involved staying up all night on the shore trying to catch the really big ones.  Although this practice became less and less sustainable, due to increased family and work duties, he still tries to be outdoors whenever possible. 

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