Rich Santosky

For Board of Finance

Rich is the Principal/President of one of NYC’s largest and most active real estate development/construction firms.  With billions of dollars in completed projects, his firm is currently managing an active portfolio of approximately $1B in new work. In a business where fiscal responsibility is a must, he understands the difference between costs and investments, the constraints of collective bargaining agreements (union contracts) and is astute at setting demanding budgets that are realistic and achievable. 

As a former military commander, he is an effective, non-partisan collaborator with the highest commitment to ethics. 

A parent of four children who attend school in Wilton, Rich advocates for investment in our schools, not only as an educational provider but also as a major contributor to our real estate values.  Rich spends his free time coaching Wilton Youth Sports and is committed to making Wilton a better place.

After the 9/11 Attacks, Rich (on the right) was called upon by the City of New York to assist in the management of the response.  While on-site fulltime for fourteen months, he established protocols and managed the budget forecasts and accounting processes for all contractor & consultant operations providing daily cost updates to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and ultimately Congress which funded the effort under the Stafford Act. 

L to R: Margaret Anadu - Goldman Sachs Partner, Global Head of Sustainability and Impact; Rich Santosky - President Skycore Builders; US Rep. Gregory Meeks (D) - Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Senior Member-House Financial Services Committee; Charlene Joseph Director of Administration, Skycore Builders.

Things to Know About Rich Santosky

  • Rich has 35 years of varied public service experience giving him a unique perspective in the departments that shape the bulk of Wilton’s budget. 
  • Understanding how these departments operate is essential to understanding their needs and evaluating the appropriateness of their proposed budgets. 
  • Serving as a Board of Trustee of State University of New York-Ulster has provided him with deep insight in educational budgeting requirements and management needs. 
  • As a longtime volunteer Firefighter/EMT, with a degree in Fire Science, and having spent nearly two years embedded with a civilian police department while serving in the Army’s Counter Drug Taskforce, he understands the equipment and training requirements of those departments. 
  • While earning a bachelor’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Rich worked for the local Water & Wastewater Department.  As an Army Engineer Officer, he has built roads, infrastructure, and managed major facilities not much different from those in Wilton.