"All politics is local", Rep. Tip O'Neill used to say, and that's especially true here in Wilton. We are proud of our 200-year tradition of self-government and we guard our independence fiercely. That's why we've assembled a team of neighbors and parents who care enough about Wilton to give their time and expertise to make sure our town runs smoothly and professionally. While Hartford and Washington see a "one size fits all" world, we know Wilton is unique. We need local leaders focused on local issues, not national politics.

Our platform is simple yet critically important to all of us who love Wilton:

  • Ensure an exceptional education for our students
  • Boost Wilton's economy by supporting local businesses
  • Support local law enforcement to foster a safe, thriving community.
  • Further Wilton's efforts as a leader in both environmental sustainability and green, open space
  • Preserve independent decision-making for Wilton

Our team is smart, skilled, and reliably local. We invite you to get to know them:

Mangtao "Monty" Du

Monty is an engineer trained at Columbia University.  He has spent the past 25 years designing and building transportation infrastructure in Connecticut, New York and worldwide.  He is a Principal and member of the Board of Directors at an engineering firm headquartered in Connecticut. 

Monty has been in the United States for 28 years and has lived in Wilton for seven years with his wife and son who is a student in Wilton Public Schools.  As a first-generation American, Monty embraces our democracy and the civic duties that come with citizenship.  He has been an active participant in many community activities relating to local and State issues.

Monty used to be an avid surf fisherman staying up all nights by the waters trying to catch the big ones but work and family duties have encroached.  He still tries to be outdoors whenever possible and loves splitting his own firewood and making maple syrup.   

Matt Raimondi

As a native Wiltonian (WHS ’08) who recently moved back to Wilton with his wife, Kristen, in March 2020, Matt is passionate about helping Wilton continue to grow and thrive.  He is intimately familiar with the town and its history, and his career investing in private companies makes him particularly attuned to the financial intricacies of building and managing financials and budgets. Matt is running so that he can work for all Wiltonians by bringing transparency and rigor to Wilton’s finances – and to make sure that our taxpayer money is allocated appropriately.

Since moving back to Wilton, Matt joined Wilton’s Economic Development Commission (“EDC”) where he works with the Board of Selectman to support local businesses and foster a strong business community in our town.

In addition to his day job and working with the EDC, Matt serves on the boards of the Kennedy Children’s Center, which provides special education preschool services to ~600 children in Harlem and the Bronx, and of the REACH Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that mental health care reaches all children and families. At both Kennedy and REACH, Matt serves on the finance and investing committees. Additionally, Matt also sits on the board of Friends of Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, where he serves as the board liaison to the legislature.

He earned his BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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